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How do I renew a prescription for a regularly-prescribed medication that I've run out of?
If you run out of refills of a regularly prescribed medication, you may be asked to visit your doctor before a new prescription is ordered. For example, the new physicians on Orcas Island may wish to see you before re-prescribing medicine. This is not to inconvenience you. It’s simply that the new provider is now responsible for your care and will want to evaluate your health situation before re-issuing the medication. It also enables the prescription history to be added to your UW Medicine health records. If you haven’t seen a physician in a while, you may also be asked to make an appointment before a prescription is re-issued.

How do I get a refill of an existing prescription?
Simply contact your local Island pharmacy. The UW Medicine computer systems that maintain your health records and the systems at all Island pharmacies are connected, so getting a prescription refill will be a seamless process. To ensure that you don’t run out of medicine, please notify your provider when your medication supply is running low for a prescription that no longer has refills. The more advance notice you provide, the better chance your doctor has of ensuring an uninterrupted supply of the medication you need.

How long will it take to get a new prescription filled?
UW Medicine has implemented new workflows, a new electronic health records system, and additional quality standards – all to ensure that you receive thorough, accurate and timely health care. With this implementation, new prescriptions can take up to 72 hours to one week to fill.

What if I have no insurance and can't afford care?
UW Medicine has a robust Charity Care policy that works to ensure that Washington state residents who are at or near the federal poverty level receive care based on their ability to pay for services, up to and including care without charge.

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